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Wedding Secrets

Wedding Secrets?  Christopher Locke shouldn’t even know what a wedding secret is.  He’s an author in his 40s and swore off marriage ages ago.  The world of weddings was a welcome unknown to him.  When his second novel tanks in sales, he has a lot of time and not a lot of money.  His agent a ghostwriting project for him.  All Chris has to do is write a How-To book for Nashville’s most famous wedding planner, Mrs. Maybelle Whitaker.  When Mrs. Maybelle proves to be “eccentric”, to say the least, Chris is forced to research and write the book on his own.  The author’s fish-out-of-water adventures drag him from wedding to wedding where he finds love and revelations to write what becomes a nationwide phenomenon, Wedding Secrets.  Chris battles his own ego when the book and Mrs. Maybelle become more famous than he is.  He has to keep his own “wedding secrets” or risk the book’s ruin, his newfound love and his own comeuppance.