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The epic sequel to Bloody Bones

Bell Blackburn has left the ashes of her family’s plantation in Virginia and moves her daughter, Elizabeth, her granddaughters, Kate and the twins, Helen and Penny, to rural Tennessee. Here, Bell plans to form a new coven with her family of witches, but keeping their secret remains her top priority.

All is going well for the Blackburns in their new home. Elizabeth finds romance and the girls befriend a young neighbor. However, Bell’s past from the Dark Ages comes forth to haunt them.

Nicola, the High Priestess of Bell’s coven in the Old Country, had been trapped in another plane of existence and kept imprisoned from this world. There, Nicola has spent hundreds of years plotting her revenge. Now, Nicola has found a way into Bell’s world…and vows to destroy the Blackburns and reclaim her sovereignty over all witches. Her madness knows no bounds, and to get to Bell, Nicola uses her magic to terrorize the small town of Sulphur Ford—and those closest to Bell’s heart.

Can Bell stop Nicola’s evil wickedness and save her family?